Hey everyone! I’ve gotten an announcement from Prospect BArk! about their meet-n-greet in Sunset Park this upcoming Tuesday, 3/16, and I thought I’d post it here.

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New Brooklyn Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service, ProspectBArk! To Host Meet ‘n Greet in Sunset Park on Tues, 3/16

Only ten months old, Brooklyn’s newest pet care business is branching out into Sunset Park, the pinnacle of Brooklyn, and will be on hand in the park on Tuesday, March 16th, to meet all the local dogs and their owners. They will be handing out information about their dog walking and pet-sitting services to residents, as well as free coffee, donuts and organic, home-made biscuits (human-grade, but for the dogs!)

Started in May 2009, ProspectBArk! sets itself apart from the competition in many ways.  Each of their walkers is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and live in the neighborhoods in which they work. Adam Brown, a Sunset Park resident, currently walks dogs in and around the area. The company also offers pet photography, an informative and useful blog, and hosts Doggie Daytrips out of the city for dogs and their owners.

ProspectBArk! is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, a regular supporter of the ASPCA and the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, and a contributing member of PETA. In addition, the TeamBArk people volunteer their extra time caring for animals at several local shelters, dog kennels, and on a few farms upstate.

They’ve certainly earned a reputation for their compassionate attitude.  Amy Shui, one of the company’s Greenpoint walkers, says, “I like that we give individual attention to each pet and that we’re don’t pack-walk (a bunch of dogs at a time).  Of course, my favorite part of the job is just getting to spend time with happy pets!”

ProspectBArk! Meet ‘N Greet in Sunset Park, Tues. March 16th, 8a – 9:30am